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Life Experiences Essay
Being a Christian has always been a huge part of my life and because of this, my worldview is Christian. I grew up in a white family who all had a very Christian upbringing. Both sides of my family considered themselves raised as Southern Baptists. My Great-Grandfather, while growing up in a Jewish home, converted to being a Baptist once he met my Great-Grandmother. He learned so much from her and as he became deeper into his faith, he decided to go to seminary to become a Minister. They were two of the most influential people in all aspects of my life. Shortly after I was born, my parents got divorced. Since my Mom was a single mother, I spent most of my time with my Great-Grandparents. I was one lucky girl. Starting from a very young age, they raised me to be a Christian and taught me to love and trust in God with all of my heart. My Mom, my Grandparents, and I would go to bible study and church every Sunday. When I was five years old, I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and get baptized. The best part was that my Great-Grandfather was the one who baptized me. Even though I was so young, that is a moment I will never forget. This is mostly due to the fact that he passed away the following year.
From pre-school all the way to fourth grade, I went to two different private Christian schools. It’s kind of surreal to think back to this type of school because we prayed all the time, had worship, had chapel, and studied the Bible. We were asked to learn a new Bible verse each week and were tested on it. We all learned every book on the Bible from start to finish. When my family moved from California to Arizona, my Mom and Step-Dad made the decision that I would be going to a public school. The things that I mentioned doing at my private school, I could not even imagine them being taught or even allowed in the public…...

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