Life Is Good

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I read an interesting article in the June, 2012 issue of Success magazine entitled ‘Life is Good.’ The article is about entrepreneurs, Bert and John Jacobs, and their multimillion dollar t-shirt company called ‘Life is Good.’ The focus of the article is on the optimistic outlook they have and the positive message they portray through their slogan, Life is Good. This positivity ultimately led to their company’s success. The brothers faced difficulties for the first several years as success eluded them. As a last ditch effort they slapped their ‘Life is Good’ slogan on some t-shirts and attempted to peddle them at a local market. To their surprise, the shirts were an instant hit. It quickly became evident that the positivity of the simple slogan is something to which people from all walks of life can relate.
The story of the Jacobs brothers and ‘Life is Good’ relates to organizational behavior in several ways. Specifically, I noticed that the brothers’ personality traits likely contributed to their eventual success. They both possess high internal locus of control believing that they control their own destiny. In the article, Bert says, “We get to choose at some level what we do with our lives.” The brothers recognize that their own choices and actions define their futures. They also show high levels of self-efficacy. They feel that they are capable of making their company successful. When times were hard and the company was not thriving they continued to believe that with the right product and plenty of effort they would succeed – and they did! Creativity is another personality trait the Jacobs brothers both possess. Their creativity enabled them to design and market a product that is now cherished by many.
To me, the article serves as a reminder that with positivity and perseverance great things can be accomplished. The brothers continue to…...