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My life journey They say that life is a journey and that we are all headed somewhere. I wish I knew where my starting point was. It is however said that we begin to live when we begin to feel and with this, I can say my point of departure is where I started be conscious of my personality. When I started feeling and seeing things in a different perspective. It commenced on the day when nothing that made sense started making sense. I am not certain where my destination is but one day I would wish to wake up when I am old and fragile and say to myself, “I did not miss a thing”. My life journey is a crowded one. I am a people’s person and, therefore, tend to pick people along the way. I interact with people of all ages and races and when I discover a common trait in them that is in me, I take them along. The biggest players in my life journey are however my family. They say that the waters are sweet, but blood is still thicker. I value my family a lot. I share my life with my friends but when it comes to being personal and sentimental, I turn to my family. My family has played an important role in appreciating me for who I am. With friends, I fake my feelings at times for the sake of peace but with my family, there is nothing that I get to hide. One of the greatest things in my life is the fact that along the way I have grown. Life has reshaped me into an strong person who can stand for himself or herself. Most of the challenges that life has brought me taught me to be the strong and independent person I am today. I have been stabbed in the back, betrayed by friends, laughed at among other bad things. I learnt that not everyone who we call our friend is our friend and the same applies to our enemies. I have had to break relations for the sake of my happiness and mend some when I went wrong. The most important thing that I have done in my life is getting a good education. Learning gave me the opportunity to be liberal minded. It gave me the chance to discover and rediscover myself, pursue my passion and see beyond my imagination. I envision myself as having a good career, being in control and acquiring financial independence. I would want to be adequate to the society and my family. Being a family person is my ultimate goal. Along my life journey, I learnt the importance of household. A good family nurtures an individual to be who they want to be. My family instilled in me the some of the best values that have kept me going throughout my life journey. I would want to have a good family and be the supportive parent that any child would want. Looking back at my life, I feel like it has been a series of lessons and test each coming with its rewards and punishments. At the end of the day, I was able learnt something. Every day I watched myself transform into a new and better person. I learnt to reshaped my beliefs, my actions and my ways of living. With this, I can boldly say that life is a learning experience that drives us to perfection

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