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What is Life Without a Dream? Life is a journey, nothing but a journey. Some people on their journey climb mountains, others go down valleys, and some just follow the road and see where it takes them. Those people have probably chosen the worst way ever to live their lives or walk their journeys because they have no idea where they are going. It is exactly as if they are driving a car but do not have a destination. If the road leads them to the gutters they will follow and if it carries them back to their starting point they will never mind. Those kind of people have chosen death one day while others have chosen immortality, by living a dream, having a destination and doing whatever it takes to reach it; by wanting to have an impact on people's lives and by changing the world. They could be one day engraved in people's hearts and minds such as men of peace and men of war, men of science and men of literature. Like Thomas Edison, Napoleon, Columbus, James Cook, Adolf Hitler, Anwar El Sadat and Charles Dickens for instance. These impacters have yes died but they are still alive for they are stamped in our minds, some even in our hearts. Therefore, they will never die for they are eternal and everlasting. I would like to seal my speech by a quotation I came across and thought was quite relevant to my topic: " It is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sale sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it but we must sail and not drift nor lie at anchor." Anonymous. So I ask you: How dare you drift and not sail? How dare you walk your journey and not dream it? How dare you die and not live? So please from now on know where you are going have a vision and work toward achieving it.

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