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Life Span Perspective

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Life Span Perspective

As lives are lived there are stages that we all come across as we enter adulthood. The science of human development tries to under why and how a person changes and or remains the same throughout the years of their life.
There are five life span perspective of development: multidirectional, multicontextual, multicultural, multidisciplinary, plastic. Multidirectional means that a persons life can go in many directions and all them life changes could be happening at the same time. Multicontextual characteristic describes a person's social class in the world, as well as their family history, and culture/ethnic back ground. Multicultural explains how a persons cultural and ethnic back ground can be influenced by other cultures that are in their environment. Multidisciplinary is science and ideas that influence new ideas of a particular subject such as in philosophy, science, psychology. Plasticity is the ability to for a person to make changes in their own life(Berger, 2008).
There are many theories when it comes to life span development. Freud's theory suggest that within the first six years of a person life there are three characteristics that deal with sexual pleasure in certain parts of the body(Stevenson,2006).When a child is first born the oral stage comes in to play. A child is more focused on the mouth for eating and sucking. As the child grows the next stage is the anal stage, this is when a child is leaning how to use the rest room on their own. The third stage is during the preschool years is all about reproductive parts or the phallic stage. Freud suggest that these stages can stay with a person all the way through adult hood(Stevenson, 2006). For example if a person is a smoker than Freud suggest that this person…...