Life Stages Interviews and Reports

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Life Stages Interviews and Reports
Everyone perspectives on lifestyle changes in all phases of adulthood have changed drastically over the years. Different choices, influences, and situations play a part in adult’s choices that they make throughout his or her young early, middle, and late adulthood years. Team A has conducted three interviews that focus on each stage of adulthood. The interview will cover some of the biological factors, cognitive factors, psychosocial factors, and cultural factors that influence the interviewees. All of the issues help to explain many of the lifestyle changes that adults make over the years.
Young Adulthood
The first interview conducted focused on the early stage of adulthood. A young woman age 25 by the name of Kelsey was asked a series of questions to help us gain some insight on her stage of development and allow her responses to be analyzed. I began with questions regarding her physical stage of development. I asked Kelsey how she feels about her physical state and what she does to take care of herself. Her response explained that she believes that she is in pretty good health although she does not have to do too much to stay that way. She reported that she eats fast- food a few times a week due to her busy schedule, but she does make time to exercise at least three times a week. She is a college student at the local college and she is also working part-time. I asked if there are any apparent differences between your previous physical state during her previous stage of adolescents and now. She named weight gain as her primary change. She explained that she used to be able to eat whatever she wanted without a change in her weight, but now she is noticing that she gains it easier and it is harder to get rid of.
The next series of questions related to her social and emotional stage of development. I asked her which…...