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Life Story Work describes a biographical approach, which gives people the opportunity to talk about their life experiences. It involves recording relevant aspects of a person's past and present life with the aim of using this life story to benefit them in their present situation. The potential benefits of Life Story Work as an intervention for people with memory impairment and their families have been recognised for some time, in terms of promoting individualised care, improving assessment, building relationships between care staff and family carers as well as improving communication.(Clarke 2002, Bryan and Maxim)

DATE: 6/2/2015
What was the date and place of your birth?
What were your parent's names? Include dates of birth, occupation(s).
(Put their birthdays into personal calendar)
Father: Victor Ginger, 11/05/1950, teacher
Mother: Galina Ginger, 11/05/1956, teacher
Do you have any brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews? Include their names, dates of birth, occupations, where they live or used to live. (Put their birthdays in personal calendar)
Half-sister: Veronika Ginger, 19/01/1977, engineer, lives in Canada.
Where did you grow up?
I was grown up in Moscow, Russia
What school(s) did you go to?
I attended Comprehensive School No 1247, Moscow, Russia, 1986-1996
What did you particularly enjoy at school or when you were young? For example what was your favourite game or subject or the subject at which you were best?
At school I enjoyed maths, astronomy, physics classes. Achieved high results in sport classes such as football, volleyball, swimming.
What was your best memory of your days at school? What teacher do you remember and why? Did you go to university or undertake some other form of further education? What did you study? Where did you study?

At school I have had a lot of friends. I finished my school with high grades and entered Samara State University in 1997. I had completed my five years high education and been graduated as Radio Engineer in 2003.
What did you want to be when you grew up? What was your first job? Who did you work for?
I wanted to be an astronaut because I enjoyed to read books about stars and planets.
Who were your childhood friends? What was the name of your best friend, where do they or did they stay, are you still in contact?
My best friend and soulmate Andrew Markov died in car accident in 2002. My another best friend Alex Ruskin is owning a dentist clinic and lives in Moscow with his wife and two sons.
Do or did you have any pets? What type of animal(s), their name(s), age(s), who looks or looked after them
I always liked dogs. My last german shepherd dog Mukha died in 2011.
What was your favourite memory of your childhood?
My best childhood memory was a long trip around Siberia with my grandparents in 1997.

Are you or were you married, or do you or did you have a partner(s)? Note their names(s), date(s) of birth, age, anniversary date, location of wedding. (Put the dates into the personal calendar)
My ex partner Irina Maslova, 35, primary teacher, lived with me for eight years and then we broke up after our newborn son passed away in 10/04/2008.

Do you have any children? Note their name(s), dates of births, ages, occupations, where they live. (Put dates into personal calendar)
I do not have children.
As you got older, who were your friends? Do you still keep in touch with them?
Note their name(s), where they live(d), how did you meet them, what you enjoy(ed) doing together.
I made a lot of friend in University and at my workplace.
Did you work, if so what did you work as and when did you retire?
After finishing University I have been job in University’s Radio Laboratory. I worked there from 2004 till 2011. I quit my job after conflict with our new manager.
Where are the main places you have lived during adulthood?
I owned 1-bedroom flat in Samara.
What places are special to you? What places did you like to visit or travel to?
Our flat was a special place for me, once we split I did not like to stay there alone, so I often invited my colleagues and friends to stay in.
What main events during your life were significant or special to you? My son’s Birthday and day he passed away.

What name would you prefer others to call you by?
What time do you like to rise in the morning?
I am an early bird. 6 o’clock is my time to wake up.
What time do you like to go to bed?
I like to stay awake till late. I love sky-watching in my telescope.

How do you like to spend your day? For example reading, listening to music, radio, watching television, being with other people.
Reading, constructing, play snooker, computer games.
Is there anything that you like to do on a particular day? For example, watching soaps, attending church, reading a Sunday paper, having visitors.
Play computer games, watch night sky in telescope.
What activities do you not enjoy? For example group activities, listening to certain types of music.
I enjoy horse riding.
Do you require any aids to help you to enjoy activities? For example hearing aid, walking stick, glasses etc.
I need a wheelchair access
Do you require any other help to enjoy activities? For example help from a member of staff, family or a friend.
Yes, I need someone who can assist me with a wheelchair
What is your favourite food and drink?
I eat anything
What food and drink do you dislike?
I do not like mushrooms.

What sort of things do you like to talk about?
I can talk about anything, but my best knowledge objects are radio, physics, astronomy, dogs.
Is there anything in particular you would prefer not to talk about?
Not really

How would you let someone know you were not happy?
I will ask to leave me alone.
Whose company do you particularly enjoy such as family members, friends, male or female, groups?
I prefer to stay alone on my own.
Are there any special names or phrases you like to use to describe things or objects?

Do you have any religious or spiritual beliefs?
I am an atheist.
Are there any religious or spiritual days or dates that are special for you?
Do you like to attend a weekly church service?
In relation to your religious belief if you were feeling ill is there anything particular which you would like us to do for you?

What hobbies and interests have you enjoyed and are there any you still take an interest in? For example films, music, art, sports, politics, current affairs, computing.
Computing, books, astronomy, dogs.
Were or are you a member of any clubs or teams?
Do or did you play any musical instruments?
I play guitar. Where do or did you enjoy socialising? For example, a dancehall, local pub.
I like to be alone on my own.
What are your hopes and aspirations for the future? Do you have any unfulfilled dreams or wishes? Do you want to take up an old hobby or start a new hobby or learn something new? No.

This can be anything but here are a few suggestions:
Season of the Year: Autumn
Music: Rock
Radio programme: No
Art: Surrealism, I like Marc Chagall
Colour: Yellow
Smells: Tabacco
Flowers: N/A
Books: Astronomy, Maths, Model Engineering magazine
Films: Comedy
Perfume /Aftershave: NO
Clothes: Casual
Cosmetics: No
Sweets: Chocolate
Cigarette Brand: Parliament
Animals: Dogs
Special Objects: No

Which dates are important to you, for example birthdays, anniversaries? You can also include dates of any achievements and successes. These dates can also be occasions that make you feel happy or sad.

|January |February |
|1st January New Year | |
|March |April |
| |1st April 2008 My son’s Birthday |
| |10th April 2008 my son passed away |
|May |June |
|9th May-WW2 Victory | |
|7th May-Mothers Birthday | |
|July |August |
| |11th May My Birthday |
|September |October |
| | |
|November |December |
| | |

Additional comments (for example, which dates do you like to celebrate, which dates make you feel sad?)
Do not disturb me please on 1at and 10th of April.


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