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Lifespan Developement and Personality

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Life Span Development and Personality
Life Span Development and Personality Paper Life Span Development and Personality Paper Gandhi use to say, “My life, my message”. This was his passion, his calling, what he knew he was meant to do and how he was meant to serve others. How does a person develop into who they become? Who and what influences impact a life so much that it shapes a persons’ entire life? Gandhi always said that God was the guiding force behind why he did what he did. He was a servant that made many mistakes and much of what he did and said was a work in progress and an experiment with life. He spent his life spreading the message that truth and freedom through non-violence was the way. He grew up in an affluent home and was married at the age of thirteen. It seems that quite a lot of his influences that helped to shape him happened when he went to London to attend law school and become a Barrister. He promised his mother that he would observe the Hindu precepts of abstinence from meat, alcohol and promiscuity (Brown, J. M. (1989). While there he joined the Vegetarian Society, the Theosophical Society and read the Bhagavad Gita which is the Hindu scriptures. In 1893, he was hired by an Indian firm to work in South Africa, where he faced discriminations that would be the turning point in his life, shaping his role as an activist. Gandhi was born to an affluent family but did not begin his journey until he was away from his family at school in London. Heredity played a role in who he was but it was the influences of the environment that made him the man he became. The adversity that he faced while in South Africa faced with never-ending discrimination created a fire in him and he knew morally it was the right thing to do. His father died when he was young and other than being told what was expected of him, the nurturing came from his mother. He felt an obligation to follow her guidance because it was...

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