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Origins of Psychology and Research Methods Worksheet

PSY/103 Introduction to Psychology

July 6, 2010

Origins of Psychology and Research Methods Worksheet

Part One: Origins of Psychology: This paper describes the seven major perspectives in modern psychology that are, psychoanalytic, behaviorist, humanist, cognitive, neuroscientific/biopsychological, evolutionary, and sociocultural. Psychoanalytic: Is the study done by Sigmund Freud of the unconscious mind. He believes that people’s behavior is directly from childhood and stems from personal relationships. It was develop to find different ways to explain human behavior and to offer treatment to people with mental illness. Behaviorist: Is the study of behavior and how it is affected by one’s environment in which they grew up around. Job Watson did not believe in psychoanalysis, he thought that the surroundings had the most profound influence on one’s behavior. Job’s method of study was to observe them to see how behaviors are learned and reinforced. Humanist: Is a voluntary behavior that was influenced by Carl Rogers that emphasizes people to be motivated into thinking of their own fulfillment. This perspective was invented in the early 1950’s. Cognitive: Is the focus of how an individual thinks and remember, and how well one can process information. Jean Piaget founded cognitive psychology in 1960 and is used frequently in today’s society. Neuroscientific/Biopsychological is the study of scientific technology that scans the human brain and nervous system. It examines the functions of the brain and how disease or drugs can affect it. Evolutionary: Is the study of evolution and how to explain the processes. Konrad Lorenz studied the behaviors of animals and saw a resemblance in human behavior as well. He...

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