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Lifespan Perspective

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Lifespan Perspective
Francine Morgan
PSY 375
July 11, 2011
Professor Linda O’Connor

Lifespan Perspective
The most important step of human development is understands changes. Lifespan perspective is all about changes that occur in every period of development and the situation surrounding the changes. Lifespan perspective can be characterized with human development. The definition of lifespan perspective according to freedictonay is lifelong or lifetime. In other words, this is a continuous thing that is not characterized by age. Lifespan development is the process beginning with conception to the time of death. People are changing as they advance with age (Boyd et al. 2006). During the time of conception the fetus emerge from an organism that has one living cell. According to Boyd individual has four life cycles (Boyd et al. 2006). These cycle last for about 25 years of an individual life. The four stages of development include early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood and adulthood. Each stage involves a transformation of each individual character. Therefore, lifespan perspective substantial changes are evidenced. Changes in perspective are usually interrupted within occurrences context as well as culture (Sigelman et al.2008). Throughout human’s lives, human beings are wired to adapt to changes in different environmental challenges (Sigelman et al. 2008).
Multidemsional is also known as lifespan perspective (Begers, 2008). Development of human has being characterized by scientist which are called domains. These domains are; cognitive, physical and social. Physical is related to the physical changes and growth that human being such as childhood and adolescent. According to Boyd the physical category deals with the way learning takes place and why older human memory seems to leave them (Boyd et al. 2006). A group of researchers defines this as...

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