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Life Styles Inventory (LSI): Self Description
May 8, 2012

Personal Thinking Styles
The key to recognizing individual thinking style for most people can sometimes be found right on the surface. Consider the way in which a person might be described or referred to. For me that includes statements such as: • She’s a people person. • We never thought of that before. That’s a great idea now put together a strategy. • She will make sure everyone on the team has an opportunity to participate. • Don’t worry. She’ll cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

Each of these phrases are things I’ve heard consistently over the years so when I completed the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) survey I was not surprised to receive my highest level scores in the Constructive Styles: Humanistic-Encouraging (99 percentile), Affiliative (99 percentile), Achievement (80 percentile) and Self-Actualizing (80 percentile). But what was surprising to me was that I received my third highest score and my fifth highest score in the Aggressive/Defensive Styles: Oppositional (84 percentile) and Power (79 percentile). What was visually intriguing is the fact that my two highest level Constructive Styles (Humanistic-Encouraging and Affiliative) are direct opposites of my influencing Aggressive/Defensive Styles (Oppositional and Power).

What does all of this mean and how does it matter? The assessment seemed pretty accurate and it helps me to better understand why I approach everything in the way I do. The next obvious step is to evaluate the information imparted to me through this survey and look at how I might better utilize the respective influential styles to become a better manager and leader. The analysis of my Humanistic-Encouraging and Affiliative styles and how they are influenced by their direct opposite styles of Oppositional and Power seems to be the key to unlocking…...

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