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Forward biased LED-is a positive voltage that is applied to the P region and negative voltage to the N region, causing current to flow through the LED.
Incoherent light- out of phase photons that emitted from the junction with the PM and regions meet and are not in phase nor are they launched in the same direction.
Laser-the term laser is actually an acronym that stands for light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation.
Output pattern- the output pattern or NA of the ways the light source relates to the energy coupled into the core of the optical fiber.
Output power-the output power of the light sources used in fiber optic Communication Systems varies dramatically depending on the application.
Modulation speed- Is the main factor that can limit the performance and fiber-optic Communications System.
Core Diameter mismatch-this occurs when there is a difference in the core diameters of the two optical fibers. A loss may occur when the Core Diameter of the transmitting optical fiber is greater than the Core Diameter to receiving optical fiber.
Current- Is the flow of electrons in the conductor.
PIN photodiode- A light-sensitive diode that conducts current in one direction only. PIN photodiodes have a fast response time.
Avalanche photodiode (APD) - is a semiconductor-based photo detector (photodiode) which is operated with a relatively high reverse voltage. APD is a highly sensitive semiconductor electronic device that exploits the photoelectric effect to convert light to electricity.
Responsivity-the ratio of a detectors output to input, usually measured in units of amperes per watt. Responsivity is the measure of how well a photodiode converts wavelength or range of wavelength of optical energy into electrical current.
Optical subassembly- the portion of the...

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