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The new film Lincoln, showcasing the important events of the last four months of Abraham Lincoln’s, life leading up to his death in April of 18**. Based in January , with a historical drama background directed by Steven Spielberg, it doesn’t fall short compared to any of his other films he’s done in the past. The movie is centered around Abraham Lincoln, played by Daniel Day Lewis, trying to get the 13th amendment passed by congress in 1865. It shows the difficulties and struggles Lincoln faced at the time, and how his family and supporters stayed behind him. The film starts off with the bloody Civil War playing out, North and South at war. Minutes later we are then taken to a part where we see two Black soldiers having a conversation with Lincoln stating how they wish all men were equal and would love to see a black man as colonel in the army. At the time slavery was still being practiced and many blacks experienced harsh treatment from whites, whether it was pertaining to laws or how they were treated on a daily basis. From that point and onwards the movie basically gets into Lincoln working on the amendment and dealing with his fellow cabinet members. Early on in the story there does seem to be tidbits showing that Mary Sturatt, Lincoln’s wife, did have emotional problems. From the constant crying to commanding Lincoln to kill her. Thus explains why some accused Mary to be part of his assignation, some even claimed she had insanity. Then again she lost one son from a disease and another in a war so her wild emotions could have started because of that. The film doesn’t get much into his family nor in depth about his personal life but we do get little glimpses every now and then. Through the middle the storyline does start to pick up and the action kicks in. We see Lincoln in the process of writing out the amendment, with his cute son...

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