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Link Between Micro and Macro

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To begin, the micro environment cost of those elements which are controllable by management. Normally, the micro environment does not affect all the Companies in an industry in the same way. This is largely because of the size, capacity, capabilities and strategies which each Company use differently. For example, the raw material suppliers are given more concession to large size Companies. However, they may not give the same to small size Companies. Like the same, Companies will not mind if its closest rival is relatively small. But if the rival is large he will tend to be more conscious. Sometimes, the micro environment of various in an industry is almost the same. In such case, response to these firms to their micro environment may differ as each firm will seek to achieve a different success level. The most important factors of micro environment of business consist of competitors, suppliers, customers, public, marketing intermediaries and employees. On the other hand, macro environment is defined as the as major external factors that can influence an organization’s decision and affect its performance and strategies, (Business dictionary). These factors include political, economic, legal, technological, social, cultural and demographic. Managerial decisions are influenced by events that occur in the larger economic environment in which a Company operates. Changes in the overall level of economic activity, interest rate, unemployment rate, exchange rate, political situation, and change in consumer taste both home and abroad creates opportunities and challenges for a firm’s competitive strategy, Paul Farham (economics for managers 3rd edition, page 9). To continue, we going to look at some linkage between the microeconomic decisions and the macro environment. “There is only one definition of a business purpose, that is to...

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