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Week 1 homework
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1. What is free software? List three characteristics of free software.
Free software includes GNU/Linux, Apache, and some examples of free applications are: KDE, all these application can be used for router/mobile phones..Etc. Linux is free and price plays a roll but not so crucial as other OS. Also source code is available, and software can be used for any purpose, also can be studied and changed. Linux software can be distributed and changed versions as well.

2. What are multiuser sytems? Why are they successful?
A multiuser system allows each user at their work terminals to be connected to the computer. The operating system of computer assigns each user a portion of RAM and drives the computer’s time among various users; it is also called time sharing system. In other words, a multiuser system allows many users to simultaneously access the facilities of the host computer. This type of system is capable of having 100’s of users use this computer at once. The commonly used multiuser systems are: 1. LOCAL AREA NETWORK 2. WIDE AREA NETWORK 3. METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK.

3. In what language is linux written? What does the language have to do with the success of linux?
Linux is written in the C programming language and because it is written in the C language the language can be imbedded in all type of devices from TV’s, to PDA’s, cell phones, cable boxes for the reason of this language being so portable.

4. What is a utility program?
A utility program is a class of programs that are usually designed to perform a specific
function like converting data from one format to another.

5. What is a shell? How does it work with the kenel? Whit the user?
The shell in a Linux OS works just like the command line in windows. The shell will execute commands and show it on the monitor. The shell…...