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Lipsha A Round Character In Love Medicine

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Short story essay Characters in books and movies are just that characters. There meant to live in the stories created by their authors. But, have you ever wondered what type of people are they? Or, their motivation for doing whatever they did in the story. Characters in books are berry similar to people in real life. They can be boring, interesting, shy, mean, etc. The character Lipsha in “Love Medicine” by Louise Erdrich is a round character as shown by his motivation for making the love medicine, his belief that it might work and his willingness to help his family. First, is Lipshas motivation for creating the love medicine. His motivation for making the love medicine is perhaps the most important thing that defined him as a round character. In the story Lipsha accidently overhears his grandfather having an affair with another woman. Wanting his grandfather to remain faithful to his grandmother Lipsha decides to create a love medicine that would do just that (Erdrich 286). …show more content…
In the story Lipsha decided to use the love medicine after her grandmother brought it out. Remembering all the times he heard of this love medicines, he decided to use it on his grandpa (Erdrich 287). The belief he had that the love medicine was going to work is similar of what a round character would think. A belief driven not by logic but by emotion and culture. Emotionally, after not wanting his grandparents to separate you could say he was desperate to do something to stop that. His belief could also be influence by culture. In the story Lipsha lives with his grandparents who are mention in the story as having Native American blood (Erdrich 286). After many years of living around his grandparents and other Native Americans, it could be possible that he has been influence by their culture and beliefs. Thus enforcing his belief in the love medicine. This is shown when he was even mentioning the mental preparation

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