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|MyCoID : |726422-D |
|Company Name : |AFILA RECETA SDN. BHD. |
|Company Address|86 Jalan Penerbit U1/43 |
|: | |
| |Temasya Industrial Park |
| |Glenmarie |
|Postcode : |40150 |
|City : |Shah Alam |
|State : |SELANGOR |
|Tel : |03-5569157|Fax : |03-55691570 |
| |0 | | |
|Email : | |
|Website : | |
|Factory Address|86 Jalan Penerbit…...

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... are to reduce costs and lessen complexity. Because these entities produce financial statements for managements use or for tax and government authorities this is a solution for owner-manager businesses that need financials with a legit framework that has undergone public scrutiny and review by certified professionals. The proposed frameworks for small-medium entities have several advantages a few which were mentioned previously: reduce costs, lessen complexity and omitting irrelevant information to the entities (i.e. earnings per share). Another advantage is that the board will only issue an omnibus exposure draft, revisions, once every three years. The downside about the framework is that although it will reduce costs for the entities in the long run the actual adoption can result quite costly and time consuming. Another disadvantage for upcoming professionals is that if the framework becomes prevalent, the CPA exam will include questions regarding it. It is my opinion that this is a great proposition for SMEs because GAAP is really expensive to abide by and therefore they should have something simpler and less costly for them to follow. I would be glad to answer any further questions you may have regarding this topic. Best regards, Annexmari Mejia Citations American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. (2012). AICPA’s Financial Reporting Framework for Small-and-Medium-Sized Entities: Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved......

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... in India. To list a few:  Availability of Finance: To receive timely and adequate finance at the agreeable conditions is a tedious and cumbersome exercise for both established as well as budding SMEs. According to the Indian government survey, 90%of the total Micro units in India procure funds from friends, lenders and private lenders only. The occurrence of financial barriers, such as difficulty in acquiring the necessary funds to initiate or finance the project is a prime hurdle. As per Weaver and Pak, 1990; Kaleka and Katsikeas, 1995; Dicle and Dicle, 1992, Credit unworthiness and transaction costs are reported as major factors that reduce access to credit. There are certain measures taken to combat this problem.To quote the “SME world”, a prominent magazine for the Indian SMEs (January 2013),”.Ignoring the past, now SMEs will be getting collateral free loan under CGFTMSE Scheme upto Rs One Hundred Crores in all deserving cases and that loan procedures are now put on fast track unlike earlier cases.The loans are now available as subsidized credit and the terms of loans are equally made favorable for the promising as well as budding SMEs in India”. Basel IIrecommendation (which is been followed by RBI in Indian banks) creates a favorable condition for SMEs to flourish as it advocates modeling credit risk specifically for SMEs and 416 International Conference on Technology and Business Management March 18-20, 2013 encourages the bank to increase the percentage of...

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... universal definition of what constitutes an SME. The most common definitions used by regulators are based on the number of employees, sales and/or loan size. Among the three criteria, the one most commonly used is the number of employees7. Many countries define SMEs as businesses with fewer than 250 employees.8 By applying this definition, 95% of registered firms worldwide would be categorized as SMEs. To further refine this category, SMEs can sometimes be distinguished from microenterprises, which are firms with a very small number of employees (i.e., fewer than 10). Although there is no universal definition of SMEs and individual banks in the same country apply different definitions, the European Union and World Bank SME classifications are good examples of criteria that are internationally recognized and applied by many countries. 1.3 Consultations During the course of the project, the SME Finance Research team met with several stakeholders in government, the private sector and the NGO sector (research institutions and think tanks). Please refer to Appendix 1 for a complete list of all of the individuals interviewed and entities consulted as part of this research. The key findings and recommendations of this report were presented at the Abu Dhabi Entrepreneurship Forum 2013, SME Financing workshop, with the key question of “what are the core issues, opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs face when it comes to financing and growing their ......

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... been sold which are chilli sauce, tomato sauce and ketchup, then when the company are growing they introduced new product namely oyster sauce, dip, homemade vinegar, fruit dipping sauce and others. It also produces products under the brand `FATINA`. 2.0 Vision MH Mohd`s Vision `A Nation`s Choice` To become successful bumiputera product in producing soy sauce and can cook from home will give you happiness with tagline `Your source for sauce`. Mission MH Mohd`s Mission In an organization, the goal of the company is important to achieve needs and wants their customer. There are several missions that company have: 1. To lead, train, develop and nurture the dedication and commitment of all employees in order to work as a family. 2. Producing high quality products with guaranteed quality control. 3. Provide quality products to consumers. 4. Equip yourself facing challenges and compete by making discoveries and new ideas in line with current technology. Objectives MH Mohd`s Objectives MH Mohd`s want to produce a quality of the product with moderate pricing that customers are affordable and enjoying when using their product. MH Mohd Industries has operated in 1986 introduced by En. Muhammad bin Yusuff. A lot of internal and external factor that contributed to the organization that need to be analyse to ensure that their performances can be sustain in the industries. External audit is done to be purpose of develop a finite list of opportunities...

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... purchase price, but the debt equity ratio in fixed assets investment in the projected year (after purchase of new fixed assets) cannot be more than 1 (one). A customer can apply for a repeat loan when S0?-o of the previous loan tenure has passed and made a satisfactory repayment. If all installments are paid on due dates, they will also get a concession on the existing interest rate. Generally SME only provides business loans in the enterprise's name. However, loan can be sanctioned in the personal name of the borrowers, if the tenant borrower cannot obtain trade license snowing his name as owner of the business due to the conditionality imposed by the market committee/owner. Return on Assets (ROA) & Return on Equity (ROE) Return on Assets this year stood at 1.56%, recording a decrease from 2008 (1.64%). Return on Equity (ROE) stood at 19.19%, recording a decline over 2008 (22.88%). Fire insurance is mandatory to avail a loan except for a few concerns like poultry, fishery and farming. Process: For disbursement of any SME loan a clean C1B report is required. A Valid trade license, rental deed, and any other authorization (if necessary) are the primary documents that are needed to get an SME loan. A number of information is required along with the loan application form i.e. Inventory list. Accounts Receivables list, Accounts Payables list. Buyers list. Suppliers list, and Fixed Asset list. Guarantors: Minimum two guarantors are required for an SME loan, one of......

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