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3. Type/name of the program: How I Met Your Mother, CBS channel
4. Title: How I Met Your Mother, season 2 episode 7 – The Crazy Eyes (Swarley)

Ted, Marshall and Barney are sitting in a coffee shop where they figured out is not as fun as sitting in a bar. While drinking their coffee, Ted notices a heart on Marshall’s cup. He and Barney assume that coffee shop girl has a crush on Marshall. They are encouraging him to invite her on a drink. Marshall brags about how she likes his pumpkin jokes. That in Ted’s opinion can mean only two things – either girl has never heard a joke before, or has a crush on Marshall. Marshall is, however, not convinced. Ted and Barney try to prove him that heart next to his name is meaning something. When doing that, Barney discovers that his name is not written correctly. Instead of Barney is Swarley. He realizes this name will stick to him. Second scene takes place at Robin’s apartment. Robin is girlfriend of Ted. She is on the phone with her mother, but she is willing to talk to Ted even though her mother is still speaking. Ted tells her about Marshall and his date and that he helped him get the girl. Robin discovers that look, that made her sleep with Ted was fake. She can’t believe she fell for it until Ted reminds her that she has a familiar look for seducing. Lily, Marshall’s ex-girlfriend appears with plans for next evening. She is considering inviting Marshall too, but Ted tells her that he is busy. Lily is surprised to hear that her ex-boyfriend started dating again but she seems to be fine with it. Meanwhile Robin forgets about her phone conversation and gives her mother random answer that will keep her speaking for a little longer. In a bar, Ted comes from restroom and starts asking Barney about his suit’s fabric. Barney is impressed to hear that Ted is asking him about his suit, but he…...