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Dear Professor Silva,

For this week’s assignment I have chosen to respond to question 4: I need a Hero! I believe there is a hero in the Nigerian Folk Tale: The Tortoise with a Pretty Daughter by Elphinstone Dayrell. The reason for this selection is the love of a father who could not “dispose” of his daughter for the childish decision of an immature king. Who in their right state of mind could make a law to kill prettier daughters than those presented to the king’s son? The courage and fear it took to keep the secret and keep her alive until she was discovered is something only a loving father and hero could do.

The particular strengths of my essay are the examples and support I will present during the span of the essay. Weaknesses of this essay would be proper citation and paraphrasing within the writing rules. A lot of times I forget that if miss certain grammatical inserts it could be interpreted as plagiarism. I would like more feedback on structure and citations to make sure I am doing proper and within the rules.


I Need a Hero!

In the Nigerian Folk Tale: The Tortoise with a Pretty Daughter by Elphinstone Dayrell there is a hero who is defined by the love of his baby girl. The father’s crime was keeping his daughter alive, in defiance of a law passed by the king, for his daughter being of stunning physical beauty which beauty was a death sentence. This father stood against the law of a king which in the times of old is considered absolute and almost divine. He risked death for his entire family for defying the king’s law but a father’s love kept him from obeying an unethical law. An unhappy king, who rules over all the beasts and animals, is not unhappy about being king but is displeased with his son. After his son turned down a gift from the king of fifty girls as wives, because none caught his attention, the king made it…...

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