Lit Crit: the Sun Also Rises

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Lit Crit: The Sun Also Rises

In Ernest Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises, a different style of writing is clearly evident. To go along with this unique style, we see an unusual structure demonstrated throughout the novel. In William L. Vance’s “Implications of Form in The Sun Also Rises,” he addresses this structure and analyzes the writing much deeper than most would while reading.
William L. Vance’s analysis focuses on the “episodic and circular aspects of the structure.” This is very evident for readers to realize after reading of the characters common actions. In the life of Jake, Robert, and the other characters of the novel it seems as though they follow the same routine from day to day. These routines include “drinking and bullfight watching for all, sex for some, and fishing for the rest. And talk and self-torture.”
The role of relationships in the novel is brought up by William Vance. The character’s relationships are what illustrate the circular motion of events. The relationship between Jake and Brett is brought up as one of the few constants. William Vance states that their special love for each other is almost always existent no matter what is going on in either of the two’s life. The constant low of society is also brought up as constant. Throughout the novel it seems as though the characters never take a break from their drinking. William Vance uses Robert Cohn as the prime example of this misery due to his constant desire for Brett. His attraction to her is very intense to the point that “he appears ridiculous.” Robert’s reoccurring feelings for Brett fit the circular and constant motions due to the fact that his feelings for her always return no matter what Brett is up to and how down he truly is.
Brett is the main character that illustrates the circular structure. William Vance brings up the large amount of episodes that Brett goes through.…...