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The poem entitled “The Weaver” by Anonymous and the poem “Respiration” by Mos Def both use metaphors. In the poem “The Weaver” Anonymous uses metaphors by using the weaver making a blanket. The author is comparing the weaver to God who is creating the blanket that is your life. In the poem “Respiration” Def uses metaphors by comparing an apple to the city. Def uses apple to show the characteristics of New York City. An example of the device is when Anonymous says “The dark threads are as needful in the skill of the weaver’s hand As threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned” (Anonymous 1.7-8). Through this device the author explains it is necessary to have the good, the bad, with the colors of the threads, because in the end when you see the big picture and realized why everything happened. The bright colors are the good things that happen in your life, and for the dark colors it is the bad times you suffered in anyway. Furthermore, the author says you should live life happily because in the end everything will be alright. The author is trying to tell us that we should trust God because he knows the choices he makes for a reason, just like the weaver they know what pattern to choose and the outcome of it, for the weaver it would be the blanket, and for God it would be life. In comparison Mos Def uses metaphors when he says, “You either make your way sobbin’, the shiny apple is bruised but sweet and if you choose to eat you could lose your teeth, many crews retreat”(Def 1.9-11). This line shows the author’s use of metaphor as he compares New York City to an apple getting eaten or bruise. Through this metaphor he shows New York has a good and bad side. You cannot just judge one so quickly. You must see all their parts to understand. He shows how corrupt the city became because of the choices people made by comparing it to the bruise on the apple and shows how disappointed he is by the damage left in the city. The damage is caused by the “bite” and he refers to the consequences of the damage by losing teeth. Mos Def shows us through these metaphors that he has mixed feelings towards New York City. Although New York City shows prestige and has high status, it also has violence and poverty. Both pieces are similar to the reader because they both use metaphors to convey different meanings. However, they are both different because while Anonymous compares a weaver and God to be creators of something because he believes that God is the creator of life and has already planned life and he has no control over it. As for Mos Def, he compares New York City as a person. Damages a person would do to the apple is compared to those of the damages done to the city of New York.

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