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October 7, 2015
How to Overcome Shyness Not being able to talk to other people is something that most have trouble with. It is something that is not easy to overcome. There should be some way to help you; if you just try hard enough. Shyness should not be something you should feel a shame. It is not just you, there are so many people around the world who are also shy. Don’t be a downer; try something that will help you out by telling yourself what you need to do in order to change the person of who you are to someone new and lively. An outgoing and charismatic person. First, you need to have self-confidence. Having confidence will make you feel good about yourself, even if you get rejected. Also, try to practice your social skills. Talk to strangers; if you can’t do that, you can talk to yourself in the mirror. That’s how actors build confidence and get rid of their anxiety. If you look down or depressed, you won’t overcome being shy. You have to stay positive and smile, look like a pleasing person. Having a positive attitude and a nice gorgeous smile will make you look like a pleasing person to talk to or be friends with. The second step to overcome shyness; is to start with making eye contact with people you might like to talk to, smiling at them, or saying hi out of the blue. Think of possible conversation starters you could say. If you see something interesting, make a comment. Even if it’s not at anyone directly, chances are people will hear and react to you. If you see someone doing or wearing something interesting, tell them what you think. Keep it positive and most likely they will be happy to chat. Once you start making small talk like this, it will become easier to break out of your shell and meet new people. The last couple of steps are to help improve your talking to others. First, find your strengths, it may sound strange but it will help. If you know what your good at talking about, it would be obvious when you are talking to others, you won’t stutter or fumble words. With knowing what you are good at talking about, find you weaknesses as well. Things you don’t like talking about, but are going to have to eventually. For example, you enjoy talking about TV shows. On the other hand, you don’t like to talk about how school and work is going or even anything about yourself. People will ask you how is school, work, and your life everyday, there is no way out of it; you will just have to do those things whether you like it or not. After you get used to whatever your weakness is, you will eventually become a little more outgoing everyday. Try going out to events with your friends, whether it be a party, a dance, or even just for lunch. Going outside will help, and having human interaction will also help a lot.

If you follow the three rules that were given to you, then you don’t have to hide yourself from public. After you have used these three steps, you will not be the same and will have more friends to talk to. They will be there for you when you needed them. You can’t do anything you want and don’t feel ashamed anymore because you have overcome your shyness and feel more confident in yourself then ever before.

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