Literary Analysis of Conflicts in Life of Pi

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Literary Analysis of Conflicts in Life of Pi
Gary Chen
Trinity Western University
Teacher: Andy Casali
July 25, 2011

Literary Analysis of Conflicts in Life of Pi
Yann Martel (2001) reveals a story about a young boy’s conflicts in his novel, “Life of Pi”. Pi is the main character who has experiences of legendary in this story. The main plots of this story are happened in the Pacific Ocean. Pi is an Indian boy who moves from Indian to Canada with his family by boat. His father owned a zoo when their live in Indian. Pi learns a lot of knowledge about animals from his father. As political instability in India, Pi’s family decides to move to Canada. Unfortunately, their ship sank in the Pacific, and only Pi and a tiger Richard Parker survive. The story shows us that Pi how to survive with a tiger in a lifeboat through the conflicts between Pi and others, and Pi and environment.
Pi has a conflict with his parents and three wise men because of he believes three religions at the same time. When he asks his father that he believes three religions, he father says, “You [cannot] be both. You must be either one or the other… They [are] separate religions! They have nothing in common” (p.91). His father thinks Pi is just an ignorant and childish boy. His father thinks only believing one god is the pious performance. Every religion is independent, because every religion has its own background and history. His mother also thinks that he must be either “a Hindu, a Christian or a Muslim” (p .93). Pi is an Indian boy, so his parents prefer he can believe Hinduism. But if he do not want to believe Hinduism, he also can choice other religions. Pi’s parents do not want their son has more than one religion. Their try to escape from this topic when Pi talk with them. In addition, when he decides to believe three religions, he has a big trouble with the priest, the imam, and…...