Literature and the Individual in Early Modern Masterpieces

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Literature and the Individual in Early Modern Masterpieces
John Milton was a unique individual with the artistic ability to write various forms of literature in several different languages that catered to a wide scope of genres. Milton had a profound impact on the English language because of his contributions to the English dialect (Crace, 2008). Milton was a devout protestant that was not afraid to show his dedication to his beliefs regarding religion and his civil rights, even if it meant casting a different outlook on religion entirely. Within today’s society it can be concluded that Milton revolutionized the English language this will benefit the American Culture in the past, present, and future times.
Milton’s response to earlier writer’s regarding his religious and political beliefs were quite exquisite. Milton was highly educated in all subjects including, theology, philosophy, and mathematics. Therefore, he was active in the country of Europe where he had the opportunity to meet great Renaissance writers like Galileo (Longman, p. 1796). Milton took it upon himself to sacrifice his poetic writings to set that aside and work full-time toward the Puritan Reformation, in which he focused on religious and political pieces that focused on Puritanism. He adopted strong beliefs as an individual who encourage other people to adopt the same outlooks on religion and politics. Therefore, the classical authority that of Milton’s defining markers can be clearly defined through authors like Homer and Virgil. Although Shakespeare was a dominate figure during Milton’s time, Milton published a poem in Shakespeare’s Fourth Folio (Longman, p. 1769). In which Milton made reference to these great authors through his own masterpieces, including Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost one of the highly influential pieces of Milton’s time that focused on Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.…...