Literature, Business and Social Change

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Literature, Business and Social Change

Kareem Jones

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Business Literature ENG/120

Dr. Andrew Mathis

Business literature of the past is similar to modern day business literature; however, in some ways both have differences. Both forms of literary works give insight to the reader regarding one’s life’s struggles and achievements. These forms of literary works allow the reader to relate his or her own experiences to the problems and emotions related to the workplace.

Literature communicates past and present changes which occur in businesses. These literary works represents the voice of the people. Past and present business literature assists businesses and its workers to better understand human nature, social and/or political issues and changes emerging in today’s workplace environment.

Past literary works in business has focused on the worker and the workplace environment. Themes related to this era focused on ethnicity, equal rights, gender, and organized labor. Injustices and equality of factory workers, non union workers and women are a few examples. However, today’s literary works in business focus on ethics, values, development of new technology, interpersonal and personal conflicts and environmental concerns. Computers and new technology is causing difficulty with people keeping his or her jobs. Companies are globalizing for cheaper labor and downsizing to save money. Some companies want to have a larger profit but pay very little to its workers but continue to expect quality work. This helps the poor oversees but it puts American workers at a disadvantage. This technique results in an increase of unemployment.

Changing relationships between literature and business from the past to present allows one to see that the workplace is undergoing change which is relatively…...