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Assignment 2: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Literature (30%)
(This assignment is submitted through the WebCT assignment dropbox. Please check the deadlines listed in the course schedule located on the home page for due dates.)
This term paper (3,000 words, double-spaced, 12-point font) is a critical analysis of a topic area within the field of gerontology. The paper is to be based on a review of gerontological literature. Statements made in the paper should be supported by references to published peer-reviewed academic journal articles, book chapters, and books. Your paper must go beyond the material found in your course readings—you are expected to refer to at least 10 to 12 additional academic sources directly related to your topic.
All references should follow the American Psychological Association style. Please visitAPA for the citation style to be followed for the reference list. Failure to reference properly will be penalized.
The following is a list of suggested topics. The purpose of this list is to give you some direction and make you aware of related possibilities. If you wish to write on a topic not included in this list, you must check with the tutor-marker about your proposed topic by the end of week 5. Writing on another topic requires that you demonstrate to the tutor-marker and course supervisor that you have a clear understanding of what you propose to do and that you have verified that sufficient research is available on the topic to enable you to write a paper meeting the course requirements.
Sample Topics 1. Describe the impact of exercise on longevity and quality of life for older people. How generalizable are the research findings to the average older person? 2. Some people argue that an increase in the proportion of older people in our population will make very heavy demands on the health care system and will escalate...

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