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Literature Review- Anti-Dumping in Usa

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Historical Perspective of Antidumping activities in USA
(Irwin, 2005)
The focus of this study is to put recent antidumping activity in USA in historical context by studying the determinants of annual case filings over the past half century. Antidumping was an obscure part of U.S. trade policy and no research was done on the topic until pioneering paper of Finger, Hall, and Nelson (1982). The study focuses on the period prior to 1980 and revels the following: the number of antidumping investigations conducted in the late 1930s and the late 1950s and early 1960s are surprisingly large and comparable to the post-1980s levels of activity; most antidumping investigations prior to the 1970s were dismissed by the Treasury Department as lacking evidence of less-than-fair-value (LTFV) sales; by contrast, now virtually all petitions move on to the injury-determination stage of the process; the increase in antidumping cases since the early 1980s is related to the rise of multiple petitions—that is, petitions citing several source countries of dumping the same product in the U.S. market; in fact, the number of products targeted in antidumping cases has fallen since the mid-1980s; the proximate determinants of the annual number of antidumping cases are the unemployment rate, the exchange rate, import penetration, and a 1984 legal change that encouraged the filing of multiple petitions.

Antidumping decisions and macroeconomic determinants
(Mah, 2000)
In the United States, domestic firms can file an antidumping petition under the regulations determined by the United States Department of Commerce, which determines "less than fair value" and the International Trade Commission (ITC), which determines "injury". There are many macroeconomic factors which explain antidumping decisions in the US International Trade Commission (ITC). This paper tries to investigate the correlation…...

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