Literature Review: Gender Discrimination

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BUSI 600 - Literature Review
Tony Hinds
Liberty University
Dr. Janet Jones
October 11, 2013

The purpose of this literature review is to identify, discuss, and address gender discrimination in the workplace. Due to the broad spectrum of research regarding gender discrimination, this paper will primarily focus on women and pregnancy discrimination. This paper will attempt to uncover the obstacles and challenges experienced by women as they are subjected to the employment process and, if accepted for employment, what could await them within their workplace once they begin working. The statistical data collected and compiled within this literature review will attempt to support and prove that discrimination still exists today. The laws and regulations enacted within the United States to protect employees from the discriminatory practices of employers and whether they are adequately enforced will be discussed at length.

There are thousands of discriminatory cases each year brought against corporations and employers by their employees and/or formal employees. The discrimination against individuals on the basis of gender is most prominent within the employment process, but also exists in the workplace after the acceptance of employment. Gender has been the subject of workplace discrimination and litigation for many years and recent data indicates that this trend is continuing. These types of discrimination are spread widely to include the assignment of roles, responsibilities, pay rates, and promotions just to name a few. The laws that were enacted in the U.S. in an attempt to discourage employers from participating in these types of discriminatory practices came about with the establishment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The purpose of the EEOC is to enforce the laws and investigate allegations pertaining to…...