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Literature Reviews: Adolescent Addiction Gambling Shortens This Life Span by Valdora L Avery
Mrs. Linda Vesey-Gutierrez MA
FST 613
Spring Arbor University-Detroit February 15-2013

Categories of Studies
1. Conceptualization of Adolescent Gambling Types A. Research on Adolescent Population 13-22 years old B. Cross-Cultural Studies 2. Level specific Gambling/Adolescent Prevention Strategies A. Gambling regulation enforcement B. Gambling Adolescence behavior 3. Spectrum gambling impact on the Adolescent Life Span

Category 1: Edinete R. M., & Fudge. J., Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory of human development: Its evolution from ecology to bioecology. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 5, 243-250. (2013) Glass Q.V. & Few-Demo L.A. (2013). Complexities of informal social support arrangements for black lesbian couples. Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies 62(5).714-724. (2013) Mamta, S., & Kari A., (2013). Siblings of individuals with disabilities: Reframing the literature through a bioecological lens. Journal of Family theory & Review, 5, 300-312. (2013)

Swenson. S & Lakin.C. A wicked problem: Can government be fair to families living with disabilities. Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies 63(1), 185-198. (2014)

Wehmeyer. L.M. (2014). Self-determination: A family affair. Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies 63(1):178-182. (2014)

Category 2

Breen H.,& Hing N, Gordon A., Indigenous Australian gambling crime and possible interventions: a qualitative study Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 2013, 3:4 (26 February 2013)

Chuen. C. C, & Ohtsuka K., The clinical and social construction of the Paichais of Macau Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 2013, 3:6 (1 March 2013)

Ohtsuka. K., Views on luck and winning, self-control, and gaming service expectations of culturally and linguistically diverse Australian poker machine gamblers Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 2013, 3:9 (12 March 2013

Papineau. K., The expansion of electronic gambling machines in China through anthropological and public health lenses Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 2013, 3:3 (20 February 2013)

Stevens. M &, Golebiowska K., Gambling problems amongst the CALD population of Australia: hidden, visible or not a problem Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 2013, 3:1 (20 February 2013).

Category 3:

Tong, H.H.Y. & Chim D., The relationship between casino proximity and problem gambling Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 2013, 3:2 (20 February 2013)

Bronfenbrenner, U
Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory of human development: Its evolution from ecology to bioecology
Journal of Family Theory & Review/5/243-250

1. Note: Bronfenbrenner, theory 2013: What is the main point of this article? Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory of human development over three phases from ecological to a bioecological theory. A quantative/qualitative study incorporating time D=F (PE) t-p as an outcome.
Phase One: Bronfenbrenner names theory with an ecological approach to human development referred to as a science. Phase two: this stage show ways that human development was conceptualized by environment theoretically or empirically. Phase three: this stage show how individual characteristics were both spatial and temporal a process call proximal processes.
2. Note: Bronnefenner, theory (2013). Describe the methodology used. Bronfenbrenner expressed his theory as “the forces that have shaped human development in the past, but … those that may already be operating today to influence what human beings may became tomorrow” (Bronfenbrenner & Evans 2000, p.117). His methodology used the proximal process. He was a theorist who question his own propositions. The article is Strong methodological in practice.
3. Note: Bronnefenner, theory (2013). Describe the findings. All theories undergo evolution, thus Bronfenbrenner theory evolution through 3 phases should be treated as one contextual influence on development, or else scholars will choose to base their research on different version phases resulting in different describe versions that will be different from one another.
4. Note: Bronnefenner, theory (2013). Is there a landmark study? Yes, Ceci (1993) the authors for the first time referred to the theory as bioecological theory placing proximal processes the driving force for development and Baker & Wright(1954).(Edinete 2013).
5. Note: Bronnefenner, theory (2013). I found important the concept of time added in what happens over the course of ontogenetic and historical changes, adolescent addiction gambling incorporates times evolutionary changes.

Wehmeyer. L.M
Family relations, Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies 63/1/:1-6

1. Notes: Wehmeyer L. determination 2014. What is the main point of the article? A quantative Study: Self-Determination there are two importance themes about Self-determination. One: Self Determination is very respectable for youth with disabilities to achieve successful lives. 2. The important role that families play in that process of assisting the individual to achieve self-determination. “Share the meta-theoretical view that organismic aspirations drive human behaviors” (Little, Snyder, & Wehmeyer, 2006, p.61). 2. Notes: Wehmeyer, L. 2014. Describe the Methodology. Meta-analyses single-subject and group-subject studies. The size of the group was 1.38. The standard deviation of 3.74@ standard error.37. Single subject the median percentage of on overlapping data was 95%. (Algozzine, Browder, Karvonen and wood 2001). 3. Note: Wehmeyer, L. Determination, 2014. Describe the findings and definitions. Final results are that families play a crucial role in the development of Self-determination for children with disabilities. And abilities that enable one to become more self-determined across the life span human development. Definition: Casual agents a person who makes things happen in their life. 4. Note: Is there a landmark study? Yes, there are many quantitative studies in special education for multiple reasons such as employment and independent living. Researchers are Wehmeyer, palmer Rifenbark, & little (2003). Wehmeyer & Metzler Field Sarver& Shaw, (2003). 5. Note: Specific details relevant to my topic review: Adolescent addiction gambling lacks self-determination as it relates to resilience. A shorten life defect can be overcome as adolescents emerge from late childhood to young adults becoming casual agents in their life.

Glass Q.V. & Few-Demo L.A.
Complexities of informal social support arrangements for black lesbian couples.
Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies 62/5/714-724.

1. Notes: What is the main point of this article? This qualitative study is to educate the public on how black lesbian couples and families receive informal social support from family and community networks given the unique challenge of the situation.

2. Notes: Describe the Methodology. The method was derived from snowball sampling, a nonprobability sampling method were couples were recruited from a family list service base out of southeast state. 22 participants participated in a 60-90 minute semi structured interviews. Sample question: “Tell me about your experiences with your extended families” The methodology is describe as strong consensual qualitative research which is grounded theory methodology(GTM) at the method of analysis and they provide the references where the information was obtain and how the researchers analyzed the works.

3. Notes: Describe the findings The important finding of this study is the ways in which black women in lesbian relationship and lesbian families experienced informant social supports and situated themselves as a couple and family. In spite of the lack of external validation for the lesbian couple did not compel participants to end familial relationships.

4. Notes: The study contributes to black feminist family studies deceptions of cultural values roles, symbol perception of values and daily social interaction with family friends and community of the concept connected to the self-supportive boundary fee black lesbian couples to enhance their self-identity as a couple and a family.

5. Relevance to the topic choice: Adolescent addiction gambling involves the factor of invisibility of it addiction in the adolescent because of the levels of gambling. The invisibility factor that the couples created to their environment to buffer the outside influences to their sexual orientation and impact.

Mamta.S & Kari A.
Siblings of individuals with disabilities: Reframing the literature through bioecological lens.
Journal of Family theory & Review/5/300-312

1. Note: What is the main point of this article? The article is a quantative research that defines and clarifies the problem of the impact of work on the Mental Health of Parents of Children with Disabilities. In families that include a child with a developmental disability siblings are expected to care for their brother or sister with developmental disabilities (DD’s) this research clarifies the relationship between work and some parents mental health, providing details on family dynamics of caregiver parents. 2. Note: Describe the methodology used. The main theory that was use in each topic of families with disabilities was the Ecological/Bioecological theory of Human development. Bronfenbrenner’s theory is easier seen than most because he often reflected on the process of reassessing, revising and extending. Data collected was gathered from the NASF and the proximal process was the main method used with DD’s. Strong methodology because Bioecological theory reveals numerous gaps and areas that require future investigation( Mamta 2013 p.310) weak is the methodology 3. Note: Describe the findings and definitions. The results suggested that that the psychological harmful effects of high parent role stress may be offset, at the smallest amount somewhat, by working outside the home. Results in this area is sparse There are limits to these results and an effort to improve in the area of methodologies that focus on future studies that will prevent small sample sizes, convenience samples and lack of control groups. 4. Note: Is it a land mark study? Yes land marks are early research in this area DDs such as, McAndrew, 1976; McKeever, 1983 was investigated that a child with DDs negative affects the home environment and family processes. 5. Note: Relevant to your topic: it is the area of workplace policies and their influence on how individuals experience and manage their complex roles as individuals in a family setting.
Swenson. S & Lakin.C.
A wicked problem: Can government be fair to families living with disabilities.
Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies/ 63/1/185-198.

1. Note: What is the main point of this article? The article focus is on the role of good government in the improvement of services to families with disable members. The duty of Good government requires good management with governmental departments. The management is one role of the government in supporting families.
2. Note: Swenson. S & Lakin. C. government 2014. Describe the methodology used: Segmentation studies is the main strategy offered as a method in planning for serving the diversity of family needs. Segmentation studies use U.S. Census and commercial data for civic use. The main categories of the Segmentation strategy are: Behavioral Segmentation, Demographic segmentation, Geographies segmentation.
3. Note: Swenson.S. &Lakin.C. Government 2014. The finding of Psychographics segmentation consists of 66 key segments that make up the American population presents in map form by city, county, school district, state or political boundaries. Segmentation studies are useful for many different strategies such as marketing information.
4. The article points out the landmark studies of Fujiura, Roccoforte, & Braddock1994 studied 165 families parent median age of 53, a family income 76.2 had drop in comparison to a later group of 165 families of age 18 to 73.3 percent these results show that the challenges to governments is the targeting of limited resources to reach those who need them most because support to families is complicated by changes in families and to individual members. Methodology Strong
5. Note: Relevance: Adolescent addiction gambling is in the relationship between, the different strategies for reaching caregiving families with the right support at the right time is very efficient and productive. Adolescents’ addiction to gambling is the responsibility of the government to provide efficient and effective use of public resources in accommodating families in what they want and need. It is having good stewardship of existing customers of public services. Self-determination from government supports adolescent families suffering gambling addiction is a resource that is a public good to maintain healthy families. The concerns of the adolescent addiction gambling within the family is indeed important in terms of services.

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