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Literature and Freedom

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Literature and Freedom
The literature on freedom is one that provides empathy on the narration about the characters that are portrayed by the writers. Freedom is a perception of the minds as well as a belief of the particular status whether on an individual level or not. Freedom presents an image of the beliefs of the society in defining what is wrong and right. Different communities have rules to which those who believe in them follow and this is diverse depending on culture. Literature is mutually related to freedom as the writer chooses the direction the story will head and the reader has the option of acceptance or denial about the theme in the story. The analysis is presented of two artists who have dwelled on the subject of freedom in their narration providing a clear understanding of the association between liberty and literature.
The woman’s swimming pool is a story by Hanna Al-Shaykh, who portrays the conventional fights women face in Islamic-Arab countries. In the story, she plainly depicts the depleting pressure the young storyteller faces as she satisfies the objectives of going to the sea. The presentation of the narration is from a young woman side where accompanied by her grandmother embark on the journey to Beirut to make her fantasy on visiting the sea one day come true. The story denotes the contention of strict religious points of view and customary views, and the restrictions that a young woman faces when in between the traditions of two world. The young were raised believing in the Muslims tradition, and her views were restricted to the culture (Akbari 14).
All through the story, it gets the opportunity to be evident that the sole tenacity behind the grandmother to the energetic bereaved storyteller is just to devastate her dreams, confer fear, rationally condition her and compel her down a road...

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