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A.” For he was lost and he was found ; He was dead and is alive again “

( The Son choose a wrong way and suffered the hardship of life. But he realized the value of life. So he came back where he ran away.

B. Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

( You can kill without revenge.


A . If you were Monsiuer Loisel,Will you give everything to your wife ? yes or no ? why ?

( If I were Monsiuer Loisel I will not give everything because im trying the best I can but my wife still not contended .

B. If you were Awiyao , will you leave your wife for culture? or will you leave culture for your wife ?

( I will leave my culture for my wife because she is my happiness and she is my everything .

C. If you were Lumnay will you fight for your love? Or will you let go of your husband for culture ?

( if I were Lumnay I will fight for my love because culture is just a way of life , love is for lifetime so if we love each other I will choose love.

III-What message/s can you get from the following songs? Explain.

Anak by Freddie Aguilar

( We should love and love our mother and father because they sacrificed for us for a long time and we should listen to them because they know what’s best for us. (

Make it happen By Mariah Carey

( We should be strong all time because we don’t know what future brings so believe in your self have faith In God. (

Heal the World by Michael Jackson

( We should love our environment take care of them so that we will have a better place (

IV-What Lessons In Life Have You learned from the following narratives:

A.The Prodigal Son

( Enjoy life but know your limitations , don’t be greedy and listen to your father.

B.The Necklace

( Be contended for what you have.

C.The Cask of Ammontilado

( revenge can be a horrible thing and that you should think carefully about or not it is worth it in a long run.


( life is to short enjoy life to the fullest but with limitation.

V-Your thoughts on the following

A. Love

( Love is unconditional

B. Revenge

← Vengeance is God

C. Selfish

( this is the act of being self centered

D. Betrayal

( You disappoint someone

E. Life

(Life is a gift of God

F. Culture

( culture is a way of life

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