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Litero-Stylistic Analysis of Selected Short Story Pieces of Bienvenido Santos

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ABSTRACT This study stylistically analyzed select short stories of Bienvenido N. Santos, a Filipino writer during the American regime. Specifically, it determined the rhetorical devices present in the three short stories (The House on a Hill, The Miracle, and The Early Harvest), the frequently used rhetorical devices, their grammatical violations, and how they beautify the literary pieces. The study aimed at benefitting the English teachers, literature and second language learners, amateur writers and speakers, future researchers, and English major students. Further, the study used descriptive-analytical method. The instruments used in this study were the Handbook of 60 Rhetorical Devices and the Grammar Book by Murcia (2010). It likewise employed library search and trend analysis method. Findings of the study revealed that there were 30 rhetorical devices in the three short stories categorized as follows: on repetition, on construction, on addition, on omission, on resemblance, and under tropes. Five frequently used devices were simile, metaphor, appositive, epizeuxis, pleonasm, and tautology. On the other hand, faulty parallelism, absence and excessive use of conjunctions, and redundancies were the grammatical violations. Rhetorical devices had specific purposes to enhance the meaning of the sentences, clauses, phrases, words and literary genres in general. Ultimately, some of these rhetorical devices employed by Bienvenido Santos violated grammatical rules as set forth in the International English Grammar Standards.

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