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In the LittleField Game 2, our team had to plan how to manage the capacity, scheduling, purchasing, and contract quotations to maximize the cash generated by the lab over its lifetime. We knew that our output was lower than demand right when Game 2 started.
1st stage, we knew there will be bottleneck at station 1 and 3 so additional machines must be purchased. We decided to purchase an additional machine for station 1 because it was $10,000 cheaper, utilization was higher here, and this is where all the orders started. We also reorder point (kits) and reorder quantity (kits), giving us a value of 49 and 150.
2nd stage, we have to reorder quantity (kits) again giving us a value of 70. In two days, we spend a lot of money on kits so we realize we only needed two machines at station 2 and 3. We then reorder point (kits) to a value of 55 and reorder quantity (kits) to 104. We are making money now at station 2 and station 3. However, we realize that we are not making money quick enough so we change our station 2 priority to 4 and use the money we generate to purchase additional machine at station 1. We now have a total of five machines at station 1 to clear the bottlenecks and making money quickly. Stage 2 strategy was successful in generating revenue quickly.

3rd stage, while the focus of the first two stages was making the most money, we will now turn our strategy in keeping our lead against other teams. We bought more reorder point (kits) and sold it for contract number 2. We then reorder quantity (kits) twice from value of 337 to 385. At first, we sold it under contract 1 then contract 2. We realize that these two contracts were not the best and decided to sell it under contract 3 and kept it there. Lastly, we reorder point (kits) at value of 56.

4th stage, after day 150, we could plan how and when to purchase kits for the remaining of the game....

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