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Robert Frost said “We come to college to get over our little mindedness.” What I believe Robert Frost was trying to say is that before college we are naive and think about things on a narrow scale. When we’re in high school we tend not to grasp the long term effects of a situation, only just what's happening right then. But once you arrive in college there's a lot more going on. Now you are expected to take a lot more initiative to do your many assessments for multiple classes without being told to do so. Teachers no longer care if you come to class or turn in work, and with most major universities having class sizes with up to one-hundred plus students you most likely won't be noticed. Until we reach college most of our thoughts are very self-focused. We tend to understand and acknowledge very little of the world beyond what we have been told by others. While in college we find ourselves truly on our own for the first time we now have a chance to form ideas that may be different from our upbringings. In college we begin to see that there is more going on then what was first thought with our limited levels of experiences. College gives us the opportunity to have new experiences which is important to the growth of us as people.
And with these new experiences we now have the opportunity to be exposed to much wider variety of types of people, often times people who have completely different backgrounds and lifestyles. Being exposed to these differences helps change old and narrow views that we may have once had in our high school years. I believe that college is the place where a person’s mind is expanded with new ideas and experiences, and with this expansion of the mind one's view of the world and its issues can be completely...

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