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Liturgical music originated as a part of religious ceremony, and includes a number of traditions, both ancient and modern. Liturgical music is well known as a part ofCatholic Mass, the Anglican Holy Communion service (or Eucharist), the Lutheran Divine Service, the Orthodox liturgy and other Christian services including theDivine Office. Such ceremonial music in the Judeo-Christian tradition can be traced back to both Temple and synagogue worship of the Hebrews.
The qualities that create the distinctive character of liturgical music are based on the notion that liturgical music is conceived and composed according to the norms and needs of the various historic liturgies of particular denominations.

Liturgical music exists in most religious traditions. In the historic Christian liturgical traditions, music whose origins came from ancient Greece and Judaism, gave rise to a body of liturgical music that developed within specific liturgical rites to serve as the vehicle for the prayer and praise being offered to God. In the Western Christian Church the principle liturgical music form is Gregorian chant; in the Eastern Church it is either Byzantine chant or Russian chant/choral music—though there are many other minor chant forms still in use. The Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church have their own liturgical music forms for the Mass and other Divine Offices.

From the very beginning, liturgy and music have been quite closely related. Mere words do not
suffice when man praises God. Discourse with God goes beyond the boundaries of human
speech. Hence by its very nature the liturgy has everywhere called upon the help of music, of
singing, and of the voices of creation in the sounds of instruments. The praise of God, after all,
does not involve only man. To worship God means to join in that of which all creatures speak.

A devotional song is a…...

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