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Live on Campus or Off

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Should Students Live on Campus or Off?

As we all know, many college students are live at dormitory. There are two, three, four, or even more students live in a room. They share one room, the electricity, balcony, and they almost share all the equipment except their own beds. It is not convenient for college students who have a lot of free time and have different classes or things . In my opinion, college students should have more freedom to live off campus, but it should close the campus. Living off campus make us more independent. They need to taken care of by parents at home and by roommates at dormitory. I think it is difficult for us to be independent for a teenager, but we can not escape and no one will take care ourself forever. One of a new college student rose to fame in the Internet because of his 14 boxes of luggage. He was called "Well Prepared Brother".His parents doted on him so that they prepared almost everything for him. I wonder how he can be independent and take care of himself. In dormitory, his roommates had to help him. I think he should carry normal luggage and live off campus, and learn to take care of himself by himself. We must consider everything by ourselves when we live off campus, and only by this way can learn how to independent. Tara Bryant, one of the student at the University of Kansas said “ Now I’m about to start my junior year, and just moved into an apartment that’s actually closer to my classes than Hashinger Hall was.” From Tara’s experience, she think it not necessarily live on campus if students live close to campus. She live off campus but now she even closer to her classes, it more convenient than dormitory and also is more independent and affordability for her. Live off campus is not always lose more time on the road to school, and independent live experience could make us have more self-discipline which is a...

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