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Live the Joy of Change

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Live the joy of change
Taking the decision of studying abroad implies leaving your family, your friends, and adapting yourself to a new culture and to a new city; but in the end you will live the joy of your new life with new friends, more knowledge, and probably you will get the job of your dreams, or whatever your first purpose of changing was. When we think on change sometimes we think that it must be something painful, and it can be, but we need to learn to postpone our rewards. Change means sacrifice some things to get others even better. And as I already said, although the process of change can be painful and frustrating, the reward can be bigger than this pain. Starting the change is just a matter learning where you must start; people can change their lives if they dare leaving their comfort zone, creating a dream and taking action.
I. Create a dream
Creating a dream is the first step to start changing your life, and this means that you need to set your first goals. Bird (2012) uses the term 3% to mean that you need set a little goal. He recommends setting a goal that you feel comfortable with, and that you are completely sure you can achieve. In other words, you need little dreams to star your change and then the change will get bigger and bigger as you go on, because if you want to succeed in change realism is an important point; for example, if your goal is to become a CEO of a company, but you have no experience, this goal might not be realistic, or at least not yet. A 3% goal would be getting experience and as you go on you could become a CEO.

* Set your goal
To set your first goal, aim your attention on your biggest desires, that is, be clear in your ideas and what you want for the future. You must think about what makes you happy and what you enjoy the most. If you have this clear it will be easier to create a dream and plan...

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