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Living Apart Togerher

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Living Alone Together
Text 3: “Just what Modern Romance Needs”: ”living apart together” written by Gary Picariello is a personal comment. This is showed in by the way the text uses tone and style. Picariello writes as if he is trying to talk and convince the reader. He is trying to provoke the reader by using a form of argumentation that usually would be presented in a conversational debate. Throughout the text Picariello is asking some rhetorical questions such as “so what’s the deal with “living apart together”?” and “whatever happened to getting married and living happily ever after?” He asks an obvious question and responds with an obvious answer making his point more important. He uses some a few statistics to back up his statements so he seems more reliable to the reader. In an attempt to keep the reader interest he use irony to make it more special. The irony is especially shown in the quote “No wonder the pope is stressing”. When he uses a humoristic quote like that, it is because he is trying to get the attention of the reader and so the point can have a bigger influence and be clearer. Picariello is also using some proverbs such as “looking at the glass half full”. When you are using proverbs, you are making the text more interesting to read. One thing that indicates that this is a personal comment is the use of exclamation marks which you don’t usually use unless you are trying to express something. Picarielle is clearly using humor as a way to keep the attention of the...

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