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Living Before Marriage

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Topic: Chose a story that is in the news now that you think is interesting or important. It can be a story from the American news, or the news in your home country. It can be about anything: politics, sports, art, health, etc. Write a short summary of the story. Then, explain why it is interesting or important to you. One day ago, I read an article about young adults living together before marriage and I felt very interested about this article.
According to one survey on 228 young adults living together before marriage, Master Luu Phuong Thao (The center of sociology - Institute of Social Sciences in Southern region) showed that: 77.3% young people living together from 1 to 2 years before marriage expected to get married. This ratio is only 58.8% after more than three years living together. At first, young people were very excited to care for each other, be together as a young family. However, after day by day, they will feel tired because of difficulties in the money, pregnant unexpected or fights together. They will feel that they lost faith in the common life and their choices are wrong. Finally, research has shown that people who live together before marriage dare to live together but they cannot have enough bravery to face the whisper of public opinion.
After reading this article, I thought very carefully about that. In my opinions, living together before marriage is a bad idea because I made a mistake before. It is the reason why I think this article is very important with me and other women. First, I discovered that those who live together before marriage will have unhappier marriages because they regarded marriage as a less important part of their life than those who did not live together before marriage. Second, I figure out that if a woman gives a man everything without working for it, a man doesn't appreciate it as much. A man will feels that he can...

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