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Living by Number

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MarineCorp was the maritime solution provider for the SURIA group of companies. It had two subsidiaries which are Green Port Sdn Bhd and Sungai Emas Port Sdn Bhd. Hafiz Hasyim is the person who is responsible to report financial performance in the company. He is one of the Boards which is CFO in organizational structure for the three companies. Besides, Vessel inspection and vetting was a major business of MarineCorp. MarineCorp also provide consulting services to SURIA and its related contractors that included those for newly built vessel for upstream and downstream oil and gas operations. For Green Port, it major activities included pilotage and marine support, emergency response, port management and operations, navigational safety, and marine services to the Single Buoy Mooring facilities. Last but not least, Sungai Emas major activities included pilotage and marine support, emergency response, port management and operations, and navigational safety.
Protagonist/Decision maker
Hafiz Hashim, the Chief Financial Officer of Marine Corp Sdn Bhd and responsible for the financial management of MarineCorp and its wholly-owned subsidiaries which are Green Port Sdn Bhd and Sungai Emas Port Sdn Bhd.
There are some problems that Hafiz face during this financial performance which is he in dilemma situation whether to approach economic earnings that has required by SURIA group, Value Based Management (VBM) or use profits as practised by the company(Marine Corp Sdn Bhd) and its subsidiaries to report financial performance. Also, the Chairman requested specifics action that can improve company’s performance due to financial performance.
Other problem faced by the protagonist is pressure from the General Manager of Green Port and also Marine Corp Sdn Bhd where they want to have better performance so they can get higher bonuses. GM Green Port, Anita Osman…...

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