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Living Together or Getting Married

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Living Together and Getting Married

One of the most debatable questions of recent times is whether to live together or get married. Live-in relationships and marriages can be successful with hard work and commitment. In today’s society living together is considered normal compared to the traditions of the past. Years ago it was considered sinful to do so. So, the question is, should a couple live together or get married? You decide.

One main reason for doing either type of commitment is for financial gain. Both living together and in marriage gives couples the opportunity for this. When a couple lives together they have larger chances of saving money for their future. This can include saving for things such as, purchasing their first home together, buying new furniture, and even joint saving investments. If they are married they can save financially on health and medical expenses, insurance costs, and everyday living such as utilities and survival needs.

A major fallback for the decision of living together is one of tradition. The old fashion society we live in looks down on couples whom cohabitate before marriage. This type of disapproval can cause couples to deny and hide aspects of their relationship putting stress in their every day lives. Their thoughts of happiness and joy begin to turn to thoughts of disgust and they may begin questioning their selves on whether they made the right decision.

A final reason in this debatable decision is the facts on responsibility. Couples may choose to live together instead of marriage to see the level of commitment towards their responsibilities. They want to see that each other is committed to paying their bills on time, keeping important schedules, and even how responsible they are when it comes to the every day domestic tasks in the home....

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