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Continuing Academic Success
Academic success is achieved by setting goals, applying critical thinking skills, using ethical behavior, and utilizing all available resources. Everyone’s career goals should include academic success, as it is necessary to move forward in your career and achieve your life goals. By setting goals students will be able to better motivate themselves to succeed in school and with their career. During my first few assignments, I have learned a lot about the tools necessary to become successful as well as how to apply them to my everyday life.
Setting goals was able to help me as I now have a clear expectation of what I want to accomplish and how to get it done with maximum efficiency. I want to be able to advance my education by passing all my classes and move forward in my job to be a store manager. By setting goals for myself for school I was able to complete all of my assignments on time, and make sure I gave the best quality work I could. I have taken what I have learned from my classes and also used it in my workplace, as the writing process was able to teach me how to write my reviews better and communicate more efficiently with my coworkers. In order to accomplish this I used my critical thinking skills that I learned early on.
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is the process we can use to determine whether or not something is right or wrong. By being a critical thinker, a person can effectively make decisions based upon truths and verified information. In order to be a good critical thinker at work from now on I will verify the information given, and research all possible aspects to be sure I make the correct decision. Using Critical thinking to complete my work for school I will be able to determine things like whether not I have plagiarized material, used proper ethics, and communicated well with others. There...

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