Class 1

Energy —— the ability to do work
Work —— when a farce acts on an object through a distance
Farce —— push or a pull

| |Distance |Force |Energy |Power |
|USA units |Foot(ft) |Pounds(lbs) |kWh |hp |
|Metric |Meter(m) |Newton(N)kg*m/s2 |Joules |J/s(watt) |

*kWh —— kilowatt hour hp —— horsepower
33,000 ft*lbs/min = 745 J/s = 746 W —— 1 hp

Power —— the rate at which works is ?
Mechanical —— relates to the movement of an objects or its position is gravity
Sound —— relates to the repetitive compression and rarefaction of molecules in a substance
Chemical —— relates to energy stored in the bonds between atoms in a molecule
Electrical —— relates to the movement or flow of electrons
Light —— relates to on electric change or magnetic field that produce electromagnetic waves
Heat —— relates to the motion of particles, atoms or molecules in a substance
Nuclear —— relates to the potential energy stored in bonds between particles in the nucleus of an atom

Conservation of energy
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, if only changer forms

Class 2
10 Sources of Energy
|Renewable |Non Renewable |
|Biomass 4% |Coal 20% |
|Solar 0.1% |Crude oil 36% |
|Hydro 4%…...

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