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Leading and Managing Services
Personal Development Plan

Name: XXXXXXXXXXXX Date: 10 July 2013

Area for development | How this will be achieved?Specific | How will I know I have improved?Measurable | Who can help? | By when?Time | 1. To be more visible and accessible to wider laboratory staff in Chemical Pathology 2. To be more assertive and outspoken. Try not to think too much inwardly before voicing my opinion 3. Do not get frustrated by staff who fail to adhere to standards and consistencies. Have more regard for feelings and well being of staff, and recognise they may have different priorities. 4. To compliment staff more for their good performance. Identify motivators and proactive team members more accurately to help achieve targets and objectives. 5. Shorter and more concise emails and letters to avoid information overload. 6. Less attention to factual data and think ‘outside the box’ so that long term visions of services are not overlooked. 7. Learn to challenge directives on occasions in support of what is best for the department and staff. | * Management by Wondering Around (MBWA) in both sites’ laboratories * Have regular tea-breaks and lunch with staff in staff tea room. * Attend Laboratory Staff Meeting and Educational Training 6 monthly * LMS personal coaching * Experience active discussion in PMB (Pathology Management Board) meetings * LMS personal coaching * Proactive in receiving feedback from peers and staff * Continual experience in staff appraisal * LMS seminar: Coaching for Managers * Continual experience in staff appraisal * LMS seminar: Coaching for Managers * Learning to give constructive feedback from my appraiser in my personal NHS appraisal * LMS personal coaching * Learning from line manager’s and other Specialty Directors’ emails and letters. * LMS personal...

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