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Loan Documentation

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Loan Documentation Checklist

|Borrower : |M/S.Chandra Spinning Mills Ltd. CD A/C# 0210008345 |
|Registered Address : |240 Tejgao Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208 |
|Status : |Private Limited Company |
|Loan A/c. No.: |SOD(G) -0140000771, LTR, PAD,LFS. |

|Sl No. |Nature of Facilities |Amount |Validity |
|01 |LC/PAD |750.00 lac |30.06.2012 |
|02 |LTR |700.00 lac |30.06.2012 |
|03 |SOD(G) |50.00 lac |30.06.2012 |
|04 |LDBP/FDBP |1000.00 lac |30.06.2012 |

01. General Documents:

|Sl No. |Description |Required |Date of document |Date of document received |
|01 |CIB |Yes |11.03.2010 |17.03.2010 |
|02 |Letter of borrower requesting for new facilities/renewal |Yes |22.07.2010 |22.07.2010 |

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