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Lobbyism Is Bad Mkay?

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Mr. May
December 16 2012
Jack Abramoff Corruption in governments inspires frantic media coverage and people to lose faith in politics. The United States has a long history of these scandals that has initiated some concern about the way the government is run. Jack Abramoff, a once powerful lobbyist, was recently involved in one of the largest scandals in Washington. Abramoff rose from, generally, nothing to becoming America’s most notorious lobbyist. When scandal ultimately cast him down, Abramoff was sentenced to four years in federal prison for fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy. While serving his term in jail, he had received vile and harsh insults that depicted him as “scum” and “evil.” Now released from the penitentiary, Abramoff is the author of the novel Capitol Punishment. By writing this book, he tries to expose the truth about the broken the U.S. Government system really is but also justify his actions and hope to redeem little pieces of his honor. Using clever diction, syntax, and numerous appeals to pathos, Jack Abramoff attempts to repent for his actions and gain redemption. Abramoff’s diction allows for the audience to view his actions in an alternative more positive direction, rather than maliciously and with anger. The first few chapters of the book describe his childhood and formative years. His conservative principles and his calculating self brought him early spotlight and success in the political realm. Abramoff, for about the first half of his book, did not go into detail of his scheming and corruption; rather he did account the peak of his life. The summer of 2000 was the time that Abramoff stated that his life was, “rich and fulfilling. I meaningful, challenging, invigorating work, a wife I adored, and five wonderful children...” (Abramoff 135). By describing his work as “meaningful,” “challenging,” and “invigorating,” the audience...

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