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Executive summary The purpose of this report is to designing a new boutique hotel’s club floor. The structures of this report are as follows. First, we will discuss the background information and state the objective of the report. Second, we will focus on South Korea IT Professionals and analysis their demographic and socioeconomic profile by relevant articles and literatures. Also, the purchasing power and arrival number of South Korean business traveler will be forecasted. Third, we will conduct a service analysis of South Korea IT professionals by Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension. Fourth, Hotel ICON and Butterfly on Prat are selected as our major competitor; therefore we will conduct a competitor analysis to find out their strengths and weaknesses by various kinds of methods. Based on these findings, we will then design the features and services of a new hotel’s club floor in order to compete with our competitors, also we will clarify how these features and service can satisfy our target market, South Korea. Lastly, End with making a short conclusion to see if our works can meet this report’s objectives.

Retain competitiveness is one of the biggest challenge for the hotel. We, consultants of lodging and accommodation management, is always helping hotel to retain its competiveness. Recently, I-Hotel hire us to design the feature and service for their club floor in order to compete with their competitors. The objective of this report is to make a deep analysis for the planning in different aspect which includes market analysis, service analysis, and competitor analysis. Details of the design will also be discussed.

The rest of our report is organized as follows. Firstly, we will discuss our target Korean I.T Business travelers’ profile in demographic and socio-economic aspect. Secondly, we analyze them through the Hofstede’s Cultural...

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