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SESSION 201509

Personal Information
Name : Hoe Yi Han
Student’s Reg. No : 14PBD06392
I.C No : 940428-01-6717
Telephone No : 017-5188049
E-mail :
Programme : Diploma in Business Administration
Current address : AG-07, Lorong Bunga Rampai 5, Taman Pandan, 13400 Butterworth

Performance Evaluation
Throughout the practical session, the performance of all the students who enroll in the co-curriculum course will be evaluated through marks and graded. However, the grades will not contribute to the GPA and CGPA.
Games/Sports & Cultural courses are evaluated based on the following:
i. Attendance 20% ii. Log Book 20% iii. Involvement 10% iv. Achievement 10%
v. Fitness Tests 40%

1. Students who are absent from the Co-curriculum course and present a letter/proof of the reasons stated below will be considered present with a remark:
a. Medical Certificate (MC)
b. Represent TAR College for external events
c. Death of IMMEDIATE family member

2. Students who are absent with the reasons below will not be considered present:
a. Involvement in club/societies/school activities
b. Personal matters

Course Content/ Lesson Plan
Week 1 Briefing on Assessment, Rules & Regulations.
Week 2 Body Mass Index, Cardio & Flexibility Exercises.
Week 3 Muscle Fitness & Core Exercises.
Week 4 Effort & Execution of Techniques for Muscle Fitness Exercises.
Week 5 Introduction to Group Exercise Programmes.
Week 6 Group Exercise Activities.
Week 7 Group Exercise Activities.

Week 8 Muscle Fitness Test.

Week 9 Cardio Fitness Test.
Week 10 Practice & Preparations for Co Curricular Day.
Week 11 Practice & Preparations for Co-Curricular Day.
Week 12 Co-Curricular Day....

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