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Assignment 1 The Logic Application
Dr. Keva Yarbrough
Detra Lawrence
Math 104
February 27, 2013

Assignment 1 The Logic Application

One of the greatest strengths in math is it concerns with the Logic proof of its given proposition. Any Logical system must start with some undefined terms, definition, and axioms. There are many ways you can analyzed certain numbers or statistics. In this essay, we learned the outcome solving problems using concepts from the set theory and logic of the situation.
This is a game call Guess Your Cards which is played by four players. Each player has to draw three cards 1 through 9 dealt face down and then places it on their heads so that everyone but the player can see the cards. We find that Player 1 Andy has won the game by answer to the card from the question deck. By the given information Andy has a sum of 13. Belle has a sum of 16. Carol has the sum of 12. Since Andy question was “Do you see two or more players with same value,” he replied yes. Belle question was asked “out of the five odd numbers do you see all different odd number,” she replied saying I see all odd numbers. Andy is the only player who Belle sees who has odd number of cards which is 1, 5, and a 7 which leads player 4 with the missing odd numbers of a 3 and 9. Since 3 and 9 sums to 12, and player 4 is missing its third card this lets us know player 4 number will value to Belle sum which is 16 and player four will have a 4 as its third card. With all numbers present and remembering all the answers to the question, Andy was able to know what numbers he has.
The strategy of the game is to be the first player to guess what cards he/she has. By experimenting with this project, only one player can win. First, we must analyze each given number of cards. One of the rules of the game is to answer the question card with a true or false responds. We find that the probability of the cards can either be an odd number, even number or numbers of equal values.
By the given information from the beginning of the game, we notice Andy has cards 1, 5, and a 7, Belle has cards 5, 4, and a 7, Carol has cards 2, 4, and a 6. Player four is not shown of any given numbers. As you remember Andy do not know what he has but he sees what Belle and Carol has. The second player, Belle went next. Keep in mind Belle don’t know what she has but sees what Andy and carol has. With Andy and Belle questions we notice that two or more players will have the same value and all odd numbers are presented. Since the question was ask by Andy first, what is shown by Andy don’t matter at this time, because he can only see what Belle and Carol has. Belle sees all odd numbers present so let us know that the fourth player has a 3 and a 9. By Andy question about the two or more player has the same value, we notice Belle has a sum of 16 and Carol has the sum of 12 and player 4 has a 3 and a 9 which equal 12 he is missing its third card. The sum of Carol cards is 12. Belle has the sum of 16 which leaves player 4 third card a 4.

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