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Logic Application Project

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Logic Application Project

Written By: Mrs. Tangela Wright Professor: Ms. Terry Clark Course Title: Algebra With Applications Date: March 2, 2012 The question that has been asked to be solved during this logic application project is as follows: “ What Cards do I hold.” In completing the answer to this question one must remember the following “ An Experiment is an observation on any physical occurrence. The sample space of an experiment is the set of all it’s possible outcomes.” I must say that since I am not a person that enjoys playing card cards. I would have to look at this information the same way that I would look at and have taught my daughter (9) to play Domino’s.
In solving this problem one most look at all the information that has been provide and be sure to write this information on paper so that you will be able to look at the complete picture and us the variables that have been provided in order to solve the problem. One can say that the strategy to solving this problem could be one of two methods. You could use “Process of Elimination” or Probabilities of Unions and Intersection new information has been reveled about the cards that the other players have. You would need to keep that information in mind and use it to solve the situation to uncover that cards that you may be hold just like in the 1st example.
My conclusion as to what cards, I have in this game of chance are the following 5, 9 and 4. I am able to get to this solution because once the 1st person has reveled information about their card I know that I have (14) for the 2nd person or (18) for the 3rd person. When the 2nd person see my card 5 & 9, that takes out (14) and provide me with the last card of 4. As I have stated in the begining of this paper. I have taken the information provided and related this game as such to a Domino game in which I have taught my daughter to count the number of suits. Once you know how suits are available for each color you watch to see what other players are using on the board and remember the number of suits (colors) that you see on the board and use process of a elimination as to what numbers are still left turn over, what numbers hidden, what number are in your hand and also the unknown of what is in the other persons hand.
Cards are to be looked at in the same light. All the information has been provided for you.

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